Elect Karen H. Jackson

Circuit Judge 2016 - 19th Circuit
Karen's Concerns

Issue: Alabama Funding

Budget Issue:

Beginning in 2011, there were not enough dollars available from the state budget to pay for the expenses of Alabama’s Judicial System. As a cure for the problem, the legislature made the decision to take dollars that had been intended in the budget for road improvements and move them to other areas in the state budget that were showing a shortfall. This deficiency of funds in the budget to cover the expenditures for the Alabama Judicial System has occurred every year since 2011. The same cure has been used by the legislature for the last four years. Every year the Alabama Judicial System is faced with the demand to produce more services with less and less state and federal dollars. The year 2015 was no exception.

The workload of cases for the Alabama Judicial System has grown tremendously and grows significantly each year. The state’s budgeting has not reflected any increase in dollars to pay for the additional expense of this growth of services provided to the public, in fact, the budget continues to decrease.
To attempt an offset for the budget deficiency, the courts have increased costs and fees of litigation. This attempt generated a few million dollars but was not sufficient to alleviate the budget problem. The problem continues to exist and at some point we are not going to be able to keep taking dollars from the funds that are intended to be used for our state’s infrastructure. Furthermore, more attempts to increase court costs and court fees will have a most dampening effect on an individual’s right to due process and make the legal system availed by only the more prosperous citizens. We must have workable solutions to the economic crisis that we, as a community and state, are facing together.

Having the experiences of a certified public accountant and a business owner, I will be committed to finding ways that are the most economical and efficient in the operating the court. It is vital that we elect leaders in our government offices that are willing to find opportunities to do the job better and be better stewards of our tax dollars! As your circuit judge, you have that commitment from Karen H. Jackson.


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