Elect Karen H. Jackson

Circuit Judge 2016 - 19th Circuit
About Karen

Karen is the last child born to Roman and Lila Casey in Covington County, Alabama. Roman was a business entrepreneur for most of his life before his death in 2009, and Lila served as a beautician just shy of sixty years before her passing in 2013. As the youngest child of four, Karen grew up in a Christian home with her parents and 3 siblings as her main role models. It was a home where all members were expected to have a no-nonsense work ethic and be self-driven to do their best work. Karen attributes those two qualities, instilled at a tender age in life, as the cornerstones relied on by her to achieve personal growth and success in serving others. Both of Karen’s parents were great teachers of how to be successful business leaders in the small town of Andalusia.

In 1984, Karen received her Associate of Arts degree from Lurleen B. Wallace Jr. College with honors. During her studies there, she was honored as most outstanding student in the social sciences division and nominated for the award as most outstanding student in her class. While working full time, Karen earned her B.S. degree in business administration with emphasis in accounting courses from Troy University. Karen has been a Summa Cum Laude Trojan since 1987.

After graduation, Karen continued to grow professionally with Department of Defense contractors. When her daughter was two in 1990, Karen studied and received her license from the state of Alabama to practice as a certified public accountant. Later in 1995, after completing a fifth year of accounting course work from the University of N.W. Florida and Troy University, Karen received an additional license to practice as a certified public accountant from the state of Florida.

In 2000, with an infant son of four months, Karen was accepted as a student at Jones School of Law on the campus of Faulkner University. During her studies, Karen’s name appeared numerous times on the dean’s list and she was honored to be considered for the award “most outstanding first year student.” She is the founding Treasurer for the Jones School of Law Women Students’ Association. Karen was privileged to serve an externship with the Honorable Federal Magistrate Vanzetta Penn McPherson. After mediating numerous court cases for the honorable District Judge Lynn Bright, Karen earned the distinction of the alternative dispute resolution certificate from Jones School of Law. She served as a member of Jones’ Law Review and her article pertaining to Greentree v. Randolph was published 2002. After receiving permission from the Academic Dean to accelerate her studies, Karen earned her Juris Doctorate degree, her license to practice, and opened her law office in 2002.

Karen has successfully combined her professions to serve others in her law practice and business consulting firm. She is a solo-practitioner and has successfully operated as the Law Offices of Karen H. Jackson since 2002. She has a civil and appellate practice in many areas of law including family, juvenile, probate, personal injury, criminal, contract, banking, employment, administrative, insurance, fraud, and tax. Karen serves our community as attorney, counselor, mediator, special judge, and even prosecutor. The year 2015 marked the 25th year that Karen has served as a certified public accountant. Karen has over 13 years experience with and is in good standing with both the state and federal court systems in Alabama. She established her office on Main Street in Prattville in 2004. Since then, Karen has served our community pro bono in a variety of ways either as a member or participant of a community board, court ordered mediations, volunteer mediations, teen court program, volunteer lawyers program, community sports programs, community crisis assistance, and as a volunteer in our schools. She and her family have been residents of Autauga County since October 2003.

Karen is a present or past member of the: Alabama State Bar; United States District Court – Alabama Middle & Southern Districts; Autauga County Bar Association; Montgomery County Bar Association; Alabama Registered Mediators; Alabama Registered Divorce Mediators; Alabama Registered Appellate Mediators; Atlanta Institute for Dispute Resolution; American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. From 2007-2011, Karen served as a member on the Smith Center Board of Directors, serving her last year with the Smith Center as the Board’s Treasurer. In order to maintain her active licenses in law and accounting, Karen continues to receive no less than 40 hours of continuing professional education and 12 hours of continuing legal education every year.

In the past statewide primary elections of 1994, 1998, and 2002, Karen has offered herself as a candidate for the constitutional office of State Auditor. Karen campaigned for accountability in our state’s stewardship of our tax dollars. As our circuit judge, Karen has the professional and personal experiences to know that it is important for us to have the best stewardship over our tax dollars. We, as taxpayers, deserve to have the return of good value for our hard earned money. We deserve to have a court system that is being maintained for the purpose of dispute resolution by a fair and impartial proceeding. We cannot afford to have a circuit judge that places personal agenda above all else and destroys the integrity of our legal system. Karen knows that a judge, who has no concern to remain impartial, can create an expensive and costly liability in every case not heard with fairness.

Karen has two children, an adult daughter who has recently achieved her own license to practice as a certified public accountant in Tennessee, and a younger son who presently attends high school as a junior. When relaxing without work, Karen enjoys her home life with her son, attending worship services, and gathering with friends and acquaintances.

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